1939      Formation of “Carl Adam Wälzlager“

1960      Formation “Ingenieur Büro Werner Bührig“ with represantation of Desch and

               Jahnel-Kestermann and reseller of FAG

1976      Acquisition of “Bertram Dichtungstechnik” with representation of Freudenberg Simrit

               (today: Location Braunschweig)

1983      Acquisition of “Schmierstoffvertrieb Celle”

               (today: Location Celle)

1986      Entrance of Dr.-Ing. Burkhard Bührig in the parental company

1989      Formation of the location Holzminden

1990      Formation of “Bührig Antriebstechnik GmbH“ in Barleben

1993      Acquisition of “Carl Adam Wälzlager “ through “Ing. Büro Werner Bührig“ and

               confusion to „Bührig-Adam Wälzlager und Antriebstechnik GmbH“

               Move to the new company building in Hannover, Anderter Str. 129 b

1997      Cooperation at LSC Linearservicecenter in Feldkirchen

1998      Formation of WHG (Wälzlager Handelsgruppe) – today Move IT24

2001      Admission division Hydraulik

2008      Acquisition of “Kugis” in Leuna

               (today: Location Leipzig)

2009      Change of name “Wälzlager Handelsgruppe (WHG)” in “Move IT24” and cooperation at the same

2010      New building under construction - logistic center in Barleben

               company anniversary “50 years - Ing. Büro Bührig“

2014      Entrance of Christopher Bührig in the parental company

2015      Entrance of Ramona Bührig in the parental company