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Adhesive Technology / Lubricants

Chemical high-end products like adhesives, sealing materials, purifiers and lubricants are important helpers when it comes to minimizing the downtime of machines during maintenance and reparation and to keep maintenance intervals as big as possible.

Adhesive Technology

Screws, threads, surfaces

  • Sealing
  • Securing
  • Eliminating corrosion

Roller bearing and cylindrical parts

  • Mating
  • High-strength adhesives
  • High load converting
  • Clean and easy
  • Suitable for high temperatures

Miscellaneous Materials like metals, synthetics, rubbers etc.

  • Gluing with instant adhesives
  • Quick hardening
  • Universal applicable
  • High strength
  • Assembly with construction adhesives
  • Structural gluing
  • Durable solid connection
  • High longitudinal and shear strength

By now very well approved – the new LOCTITE – Sticks

  • Securing screws
  • Sealing of metal threaded connections
  • Lubricating and protection of jamming (temp until 980C)
  • No spilling or dripping


High performance lubricants are to be used when high pressure, extreme temperatures, very high or very low velocities or other extraordinary load occur and the limit of performance of conventional lubricants is surpassed.


Friction and spherical bearing, spindles, spline shaft, springs and gears

  • Against fretting, attrition, stick-slip phenomenon, corrosive wear, anti-seize and usable at high temperatures


Friction bearing, chains, linear slide, spindles, cutting tools

  • Good wear protection attributes, long hours of operation, usable at high temperatures and for cleaning/conserving/protection


Roller bearing, friction and spherical bearing, linear slides, spindles, gear wheel

  • Lubrication at high and low temperatures
  • Against aggressive substances, corrosion and high pressure
  • Bio fat which is biodegradable
  • Economy friendly

Dry lubricants

Frictions and spherical bearing, spline shafts, gears, linear slides, precision mechanics, seals, metals, plastics, ceramic and wood

  • Lowers friction and wear
  • Usage in places where oils and fats are not applicable
  • Good adhesion and corrosion protection

Corrosion protection and maintenance products

Offshore, warehousing, shipment, steel construction, belt drive and spherical bearing

  • Usage in the complete maintenance sector
  • Cleaning, maintaining and protecting

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